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On this episode get inspired to shake things up as we take a little road trip to get some mimosas!

A few weeks ago I headed down to Dallas, TX to meet with the one and only Destiny. She uprooted her life in New York for new adventures down south. We catch up with her a year after the big move and speak about this process and how she adjusted to her new life.



Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about moving:

  1. Save, Save, Save and yes, Save (to life off of for 3-6 months)
  2. Research and possibly visit the state/city where you would like to move
  3. Apply to jobs before moving and be honest about your circumstances while writing your cover letter (give employers a move and start date)
  4. Be willing to take a pay cut (you might need to take a part time while you start to settle down in your new place)
  5. Get a license. Not all cities are as public-transportation driven like NYC. Learn the basics of driving and obtain your license. If possible, start looking at cars even before moving. This way, you will be able to start moving around and exploring your new city right away

Once you’re there:

  1. Explore your new place: Groupon activities, restaurants, and other locations to start building your hang out spots
  2. Get active: Join a gym or class where you can meet new people and learn a new skill
  3. Date/meet up: Change your Tinder location and don’t be afraid to start meeting new people. You can research events (meetups, concerts or city events) where you can meet like-minded individuals. Be safe but have fun!
  4.  Be open to new experiences, food, people and state/city regulations

Quick Resource: Human Trafficking in TX