If you haven’t gotten enough of me through The Feminist Tea Party, you can get your fix through my new podcast, “Mixing it up with Maggi.”
I’ll be interviewing my favorite pals for a conversation on everything from motherhood, social activism, sex, career and much more. Listen in every Wednesday night through SoundCloud or catch it on demand here on myefflinglifeblog.

We heat things up here at Mixing it Up with Maggi when we talk about sex! Sex and Feminism is today’s topic and we welcome Megan, a woman studies and English Literature major to talk about the intersection between these two.

Over a glass of cheap wine, we talk about the madonna-whore dichotomy, masturbation & pornography, Fifty Shades of Gray and sex work.  I really enjoyed this candid conversation; as much as we are “open-minded” and “progressive” in 2017, we’re still battling age-old stereotypes and gender norms. It’s important to us as intersectional feminists, that we empower the younger generation. Living in white patriarchal society is already a strike against our self-esteem. Sexuality has been used a tool to keep the status quo but we have to embrace our bodies,  own our sexuality and encourage others to do that same.

Take a listen and don’t forget to leave a comment and continue reading by following the resources below.




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