If you could deliver one message to women today, what would it be? 

Sisters: talk to each other, be connected and informed, from women’s circles, share your stories, work together, and take risks. Together we are invincible. There is nothing to be afraid of. “—Isabel Allende on

Isabel Allende is an accomplished author from Chile. Her books such as Eva Luna and The House of Spirits have won many awards including the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award and the Hispanic Heritage Award for Literature. Her female characters are strong, independent and passionate. Recently, I came across her TED Talk: Tales of Passion.I’ve seen the video several times because I love her message and the way she has chosen to express it. An activist and representative for women rights and freedom, Allende demonstrates the profound power of narrative. Her speech about passion is inspirational, to say the least. As a woman who has lived several lives (one in Chile as a journalist, for The UN in Belgium and in Venezuela as a columnist) She has drawn from her experiences a Hispanic, a mother, a wife, and a woman, to write magical realist stories. However, is her continue dedication to encouraging change in gender equality that makes me honor this extraordinary writer. Among my favorite quotes from the TED TALK are:

1. 09:03 I was born in ancient times, at the end of the world, in a patriarchal Catholic and conservative family. No wonder that by age five I was a raging feminist — although the term had not reached Chile yet, so nobody knew what the heck was wrong with me.

2. 15:00 Women are 51 percent of humankind.Empowering them will change everything — more than technology and design and entertainment. I can promise you that women working together — linked, informed and educated — can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet. In any war today, most of the casualties are civilians, mainly women, and children. They are collateral damage. Men run the world and look at the mess we have.

3.  16:37 Abuse trickles down from the top of the ladder to the bottom. Women and children, especially the poor, are at the bottom. Even the most destitute of men have someone they can abuse — a woman or a child. I’m fed up with the power that a few exert over the many through gender, income, race, and class.

4. 16:40 I think that the time is ripe to make fundamental changes in our civilization. But for real change, we need feminine energy in the management of the world. We need a critical number of women in positions of power, and we need to nurture the feminine energy in men. I’m talking about men with young minds, of course. Old guys are hopeless; we have to wait for them to die off.

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