Our #wcm this week is the cultural phenomenon that is Roxane Gay. Her most recent book, BAD FEMINIST, is a collection of essays which highlight her life as a feminist and the complex spectrum of being a woman. An excerpt from her book describes it best:

I embrace the label of bad feminist because I am human. I am messy. I’m not trying to be an example. I am not trying to be perfect. I am not trying to say I have all the answers. I am not trying to say I’m right. I am just trying—trying to support what I believe in, trying to do some good in this world, trying to make some noise with my writing while also being myself.

 And she is certainly making quite some noise – we’re so glad the world is listening: Bad Feminist is currently on the NY Times Bestseller list. Bookstores everywhere were sold out its debut week. Also, Roxane’s Twitter feed is literally one of the best things – she live tweets Ina Garten and partakes in occasional Beyoncé worship (even changing her handle to Roxane Bey). At the Brooklyn Book Festival, I had the pleasure of listening in on a panel Roxane was taking part in (Women’s Work). Her introductory statement was something like: “Hi, I’m Roxane Gay and I’m obsessed with Channing Tatum’s clavicle.” BAD FEMINIST, along with many of her other works – including the acclaimed An Untamed State – are on our to read shelves, as soon as we can get our hands on a copy. Incidentally, today there was an exciting announcement for more things Gay, the launch of a new sister site for The Toast called The Butter focusing on women’s issues and feminism.

Overall, Roxane Gay is just incredibly insightful, funny, and down to earth making her our choice for #wcw